RagGrid Configuration

Grid options can be passed to aggrid() using the options arguments. The package passes the below properties as default options to aggrid().

Please read through the aggrid documentation (https://www.ag-grid.com/javascript-grid-properties/) to configure the grid’s properties.

Default Grid options - Community Edition

Property Value
rowSelection multiple
enableSorting true
enableFilter true
enableRangeSelection false
enableColResize true
pagination true
paginationAutoPageSize true

Here are a few examples

#Disable pagination
aggrid(iris,options=list(pagination = FALSE))

#Set 50 items per page
aggrid(iris,options=list(paginationAutoPageSize = FALSE,paginationPageSize=50))

# Sort by multiple column. Multiple column selection is achieved by holding down Control and selecting multiple columns.
aggrid(iris,options=list(paginationAutoPageSize = FALSE,paginationPageSize=50,multiSortKey='ctrl'))

Column Definition options

Column definition options can be passed to aggrid() using the colOpts arguments.

Please go over the documentation (https://www.ag-grid.com/javascript-grid-column-properties/) to configure the column properties.

Here’s an example of how you can use it.

# Rename the column header name to "Sepal Length" for example
colOpts = list(Sepal.Length=list(headerName='Sepal Length'))
aggrid(iris,options=list(pagination = FALSE),colOpts =colOpts )

#You can pin a column by using the pinned property
colOpts = list(Sepal.Length=list(headerName='Sepal Length',pinned='left'))
aggrid(iris,options=list(pagination = FALSE),colOpts =colOpts )

#Sort by a column Sepal.Length 'asc'
colOpts = list(Sepal.Length=list(sort='asc'))
aggrid(iris,options=list(pagination = FALSE),colOpts =colOpts )

#Multiple sort (Sort by Sepal.Length 'asc' followed by Sepal.Width 'desc' )
colOpts = list(Sepal.Length=list(sort='asc'),Sepal.Width=list(sort='desc'))
aggrid(iris,options=list(pagination = FALSE),colOpts =colOpts )